Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I see a Zedbox?

Visitors are welcome to visit our dealerships across the UK (with more arriving soon) and can see Zedbox displayed at our factory in Thurston, Suffolk. Register your interest below and we’ll send you the full information pack and directions to your nearest dealership or just call us on 0800 242 5559 to arrange your visit.


Can I live in a Zedbox 365 days a year, 24/7?

YES! Zedbox is designed, engineered and made using world-class manufacturing techniques to ensure that it not only looks the part, but you can comfortably reside in it too. Zedbox is, of course, fully insulated throughout and compliant with building regulations to ensure that you will have a comfortable and legal dwelling all year round. Planning permission is required, but we are on hand for advice and guidance to ensure your Zedbox is installed fully compliant with current regulations.

Will I require planning permission?

Yes, as a residential dwelling, a planning application is necessary, and we will provide you with all the advice and guidance you need. We have years of experience in making the necessary applications and can easily help you to identify any potential planning issues, leading to you obtaining a successful planning application.

Will my Zedbox meet current building regulations?

YES! Our buildings meet and exceed current building regulations. Zedbox is an individual residence and as such complies with building control. As a manufactured product Zedbox has successfully obtained full Type Approval, which not only acts as an official corporate certification, but speeds up the project sign off process from building control.

Where do you install Zedbox?

Across the UK! We pride ourselves on ensuring that our customer experience is as straightforward as possible. Initially we offer a free, no obligation site survey anywhere in the UK, to establish your requirements and make the appropriate observations and measurements at the site concerned. We can manufacture, deliver and install your building at your specific location anywhere in the UK.

What ground works and foundations will be required?

A solid concrete foundation is required due to the sheer weight and solidity of our homes. We recommend a concrete ring beam and we provide a free of charge advisory/consultancy service, liaising with your own ground works contractor throughout the ground works and foundation process.

How long will my building last?

The unique design of Zedbox and our trusted TuSC construction methods enhances the longevity of your studio. Zedbox is designed to be lived in, 24/7, 365 days a year and are built to meet all current building regulations; we would ultimately expect them, with careful maintenance, to last a lifetime.

Is Zedbox a fully serviced building and how does that work?

Zedbox is a beautiful, fully functional, self-contained living space, which includes a bedroom, with options for a kitchen and/or shower room too. This micro home is internally wired and connected with your existing house supply using armoured cable. All connections are completed and are certified to ‘Part P’ Building Regulation. In order to allow water in and waste out of your Zedbox it is connected to mains drainage. We liaise with your preferred ground works contractor and building control to enable this sign off procedure to be completed with minimal fuss.

Will you guarantee my building?

We are extremely proud of our 100% customer satisfaction and we offer a five year guarantee on your Zedbox. 

What does your price include?

We design, manufacture, deliver and install your Zedbox. Our price includes your free, no obligation site survey at your location, anywhere in the UK. There are a number of optional extras you can add into your project too and we will make these clear to you following your site survey.

Will my Zedbox add value to my property?

YES! There is no definitive answer to how much value Zedbox brings, although various studies suggest that your overall property value can increase by as much as 10% along with the benefits of adding additional space to your home. This stunning addition to your garden will certainly contribute to the saleability of the property in the future.

How do I pay for my Zedbox?

We ask for a non-refundable 25% deposit which will book and confirm your installation slot,  once planning permission is complete, a technical survey has been conducted and dates agreed the second 25% instalment is due, after groundwork's are complete your third 25% instalment will be payable, then finally, when you have your brand new Zedbox the final 25% will be payable.

Can my Zedbox move with me if I move house?

YES! One of the many advantages of Zedbox is that it is a modular construction and we can relocate your Zedbox, if required. Every move is individually evaluated with a survey at the new location and carried out by our own Remove & Move team.

Can you provide finance for my Zedbox?

Finance is not currently available, however, this is something we hope to be able to offer you soon.*
*Subject to status, terms and conditions apply

How quickly can you install my Zedbox once I confirm an order?

Usually we work on a lead time of just 8-12 weeks from the day you place your order with our client support team to your installation and key hand over. Currently (24/08/2017) we are working at a 6 month lead time. Although this lead time can be shorter if your planning application is approved in a timely manner. Peripherals such as your planning application and individual ground works may need to be taken into consideration.
Call us 0800 242 5559 to discuss your own circumstances and we’ll provide you with all the advice you need.


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