Staying Warm & Cosy With Zedbox

Cosying up and being warm is at top of most people’s list at this time of the year, and we've got the perfect way to do so. So perfect in fact, that doing it any other way simply just won't do. Our ranges of Zedbox have been designed to make this time of year warm and cosy and the warmer months cool and comfy.

When we say the apartment in the garden, we're not over exaggerating! We've built an apartment for your garden with every mod con and feature you could possibly need to make it a home perfect for hibernating in during winter.


With a fully-functioning kitchen fitted with fridge, oven, hob, plenty of prep space and storage space, you can cook up all those winter treats to keep you feeling warm and cosy. The spacious kitchen allows you to cook up a storm for you and your guests. The only issue is keeping up with all those visitors once word gets around!

Underfloor Heating

The underfloor heating included with your Zedbox is dreamy this time of year, making your space feel extra inviting - perfect when you're returning from work, a chilly winter walk or first thing in the morning when the winter frost really bites.

Living Room

A spacious and inviting living room is yours to design, with room for plush sofas, warm thick blankets and a coffee table for your hot chocolate. Cosying up in the living room in a Zedbox is the ideal way to see through the winter. Just like any other apartment, you can fit a TV, or large bookshelves to read your favourite books or watch your favourite films.

No compromises

Just because Zedbox isn't your traditional apartment, it doesn't mean we've had to compromise on insulation or building materials. The thick chunky walls and high-tech, high performance insulation means just like any other house or apartment, the Zedbox will do a lot of the work for you in keeping you warm and cosy throughout the winter.

All Done Your Way

What's even better is how you live and stay warm and cosy is all down to you. We don't expect you to compromise either - we certainly haven't with any of our materials or construction techniques! This means you can design your apartment exactly how you wish: from where the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room is, to where the plug sockets, cupboards and storage goes, meaning comfy and cosy is officially in your control.  

Windows & Doors

The windows and doors on the Zedbox are the same you'll find in a new-build home - secure and effective no matter the weather. So heating costs are kept to a minimum and you feel comfortable and warm all year round.

Getting your own Zedbox is simple and we've made it flexible too.

You can order your free catalogue today to get inspiration and ideas on how to create your dream new home, and you can contact our team who can arrange a completely free no obligation site survey for you, our expert surveyors will help you design your apartment from top to bottom, so you have a haven to go to in the winter and summer.

Plus, what's more we understand that finance needs to be flexible to your circumstances, so with our plans you can find a way to afford your Zedbox, meaning living in your own home is more achievable than ever before.

So if you want to spend winter 2019, warm and cosy in your very own Zedbox, get in touch with the team today, and start planning your dream new home.