Zedbox: The Revolutionary Granny Annexe

A bold statement indeed - but one we're not scared to make.

For too long, sub-standard annexes have been the norm for the older generation who are looking to move in with family, yet keep their independence; a space that ‘does the job’.

Well, we've decided to go one step (in fact, 100 steps!) further and create an annexe that is completely incomparable in today's market - created not to just ‘do the job’ - but to exceed expectations, inspire independence and create a living space that will be the envy of all.

How Have We Done It?

Our experience in garden offices and studios has allowed us to understand, create and develop a robust construction technique in manufacturing rooms that are built to last. Our experience has also exposed to us a real desire for these rooms to be able to be lived in all year round.

Zedbox has been created for this exact reason - fully compliant with every tick box, regulation and permission your local council could possibly throw at you. Zedbox is created to work… and work for everyone!

With this strong and reliable foundation of strength, rigidity and compliance, we got to work designing a living space that is truly for you.


Granny Annexes are by their very nature for an older generation. We've designed Zedbox to allow for complete flexibility when it comes to your requirements and needs. With access options, the ability to fit harnesses, deliver open-plan spaces and easy-to-use bathrooms and kitchens, Zedbox can be designed to suit any need or requirement.

Design Without Compromise

The flexibility and functionality of Zedbox doesn't mean - like other Granny Annexes - you have to compromise in the design and style of the living space itself - far from it.
With sleek, modern lines, a fresh, light and spacious interior, powerful external finish and ultra modern amenities, Zedbox gives you functionality and a look that you'll simply fall in love with.

A Space You Create

Thinking inside the box is a good thing when it comes to this dreamy new apartment in the garden. Your thoughts, preferences and lifestyle are all taken into account when we give you options and specifications to choose from to create a new home that's truly yours.

The configuration of your Zedbox is 100% for you to decide. These intelligent apartments can be configured to give you a living space, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, games room, dressing room… the list is endless.
These aren't one-size-fits-all annexes - they're spaces that can be personalised, configured and moulded to match you and your lifestyle.

Comfort, Security & Strength

Not only does Zedbox come with a warranty, you'll also find it's fitted out with modern double-glazed windows and doors, high-performance insulation and constructed to provide ultimate strength. Cold, bitter winters are no longer expensive to heat - and warm, stuffy summers are kept nice and cool with our clever design.
Costs are kept to a minimum and comfort is set to maximum meaning you win each and every time.

We're not here to give you a granny annexe that is just convenient, we're here to give you a granny annexe that's revolutionary!

From the space, design, cost and comfort, you'll find the revolution is bouncing off every wall, from the kitchen, to the bathroom, to your new living room.

No one should live in a space they don't feel at home and our apartment in the garden is here to make sure that just doesn't happen.

Find Out More

Contact our friendly, knowledgeable expert team today on hello@zedbox.co.uk or by calling 0800 242 5676.

We're always on hand to answer questions, help you get started or inspired and to make sure you're in control every step of the way.