Zedbox Vs The Tiny House

What is a Tiny House?

A Tiny House, is not one singular product, but a movement and a lifestyle decision.

The main principle of the Tiny House movement is to encourage home owners to downsize dramatically, and live way below their means in an attempt to realign social and materialistic desires and to live purely with what you need instead of what you want.

In short, Tiny House is a movement promoting anti-consumerism by living in a house under 500sqm and with minimal possessions.

What is a Zedbox?

Zedbox is our product, one singular product, built as a sensible and realistic option to the growing housing crisis in the UK.

A Zedbox is built on land you or your family own, most likely within the garden of the family home. Created solely with the aim of addressing issues the housing crisis has created - such as how to get on the property ladder for the first time, how to make care affordable, how to keep families together longer, and how to allow older ‘children’ to live independently.

In short, Zedbox is a self-contained apartment in the garden.

Why are they going to head to head?

We knew when we launched Zedbox that our product and the Tiny House movement would quickly draw comparisons, and although the very simple premise could be compared, we’re keen to show the UK and the world that a Zedbox is not a movement to persuade you to live differently, it’s here to allow you to live the way you want to live, in the most accessible and affordable way possible.

We’ve explored below some of the sharp contrasts between a Tiny House and Zedbox.

Consistent Quality

We’re not for one second suggesting that there aren’t Tiny Houses built out there that are constructed to the highest of standards. However, as we’ve already explored they are not a product yet a movement, meaning the construction and overall quality is down to who you decided to have construct your tiny house, and how you designed it.

The Zedbox, although available in over 60 sizes, is built using the latest CAD/CAM technology, and by truly experienced and expert craftsmen, all Zedboxes are constructed using a tried, tested and respected construction technique, and installed by respected construction professionals. Our quality is consistently of the highest finish and we pride ourselves on delivering a product you can truly trust.


The Tiny House movement – due to the differences in construction and type (wheels / no wheels) can leave a lot to be answered in terms of how the local council views them. From the permissions they require to how and where they can be used, the answers are different each and every time, and can be a risky investment if the categorisations and regulations haven’t been investigated properly.

Our Zedbox however, although designed to be unique to you, are uniform in their categorisation and permissions, we have decades of experience in building regulations and planning permission, and have ensured each and every inch of our Zedbox ticks all the boxes. Plus, we will also ensure prior to purchase that your new Zedbox is fully compliant through managing applications and paperwork with your local council ourselves.

Living for your lifestyle and nothing less.

The Tiny House movement is all about changing your lifestyle to reflect the movement.

Zedbox is all about a move to match your lifestyle. With a fully fitted kitchen, bathroom and the ability to have separate living spaces, we’re all about making lifestyle dreams a reality, a smaller footprint shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice your home comforts and we’ve done everything we can to ensure this is the case!

An addition to the family home. Not the family home.

The Tiny House movement is all about making the small space the new family home.

We’re not here to move the whole family into a small space, we’re here to help the members of family who need their own space, find some, from parents moving back in, to the “kids” (adults) moving out for the first time, the Zedbox is all about finding a space for them to call their own, that the whole family is truly proud of.

OK, we’re a little biased of course, however we’re really keen to spread the word that the Zedbox isn’t about giving up, changing or sacrifice - it’s about finding a space that works for everybody!

Want to know more?

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