A Solution To A Big Problem: Zedbox & The Housing Crisis

The housing crisis is one of the most prevalent issues facing the UK in the 21st century. Not a week passes it seems where the media aren’t commenting on the latest government policy promising to plug the issue with the lack of housing stock.

Despite the name, the housing crisis isn’t about houses, it’s about people; people who simply can’t afford to ascend the first rung of the property ladder or find liveable and retainable accommodation.

This is where Zedbox and the housing crisis have one thing in common. Zedbox is about people too: people just like you.

If you’re unable to find liveable, affordable and retainable accommodation, then Zedbox is the solution. What's more, a real solution that's available in the here and now – one that’s already in hundreds of homes across the UK.

Zedbox is fast becoming a solution for many people across the UK, and we couldn’t be prouder.

High-Quality, Liveable & Functional Accommodation

Zedbox has been created to provide a space that rivals the very finest modern apartments. With a fully fitted kitchen – bathroom and living space – Zedbox is the perfect 1,2, or even 3-bedroom apartment, that’s manufactured and finished to the highest quality. Built with you in mind, its designed with your preferences at its very heart. You can spec out your Zedbox with a multitude of customisable options, making the Zedbox truly something you can call yours.  

Affordable – Not a Word You Often Hear Associated With Housing

We’ve done everything we can to ensure the Zedbox is accessible to as many people as possible. Our tried and tested manufacturing techniques, coupled with our years of experience in building Garden Offices allows us to keep costs as low as possible whilst not once compromising on quality. Zedbox also truly ‘helps to buy’, with flexible credit and monthly payment options allowing you to spread the cost. With the full cost of a 1 Bedroom Zedbox less than the cost of the UK's average house deposit, we’ve ensured the Zedbox meets your financial requirements in every way possible.

Yours To Keep -  No Rent, No Tenancy Agreements

With no ongoing rental costs, a Zedbox will pay for itself in a matter of years. So, you’ll soon see a quick return on your investment that keeps on giving and retaining excellent value. Not only for the Zedbox, yet for the property you’ve Zedbox has become an addition too.

We have been building our modular garden rooms with our sister company, Smart Garden Rooms, Offices & Studios for over a decade, Zedbox is an evolution of these rooms that ensure we comply with stringent building regulations and planning permission requirements for living spaces.

Zedbox requires you to own land or have a legal permission to use land, either in a private dwelling or individual plot. As long as we can connect your Zedbox to water and electrical mains, we can assist you with your living requirements.


We’re so passionate about providing a genuine solution to an ever growing problem and have never been more excited to watch as families across the UK start to uncover the potential our clever ‘apartment in the garden’ has to offer.

If you think Zedbox could be the answer for you, then get in touch with our team today. We’ve made the entire process as simple as possible.

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