Getting On The Property Ladder With Zedbox

Here at Zedbox, we have a passion for affordable yet luxury living and we want to ensure everyone has a place to call their own. This is why we developed a range of products to go against the traditional first step on the property ladder. And although Zedbox isn’t a house, it is a home – one which 100s of people across the UK are already living in.

There’s nothing wrong with going for the path less travelled, especially if it’s more accessible, affordable and personal – and here’s why Zedbox are all of those things:

Low Deposit

A deposit on a Zedbox is far lower than a deposit placed on a first house which is great news for first-time buyers! What’s more is you have options; you can pay one lump sum or spread the cost over a number of years (many years fewer than your average mortgage!). It’s a win-win, and you have more of your budget left for creating your new home.

Mortgage Paperwork is History

There aren’t 1,000s of hoops to jump through and we’re by your side every step of the way. No chains, no estate agents, no bidding wars; just a friendly surveyor and a knowledgeable team with time to ensure you make the right choice for you. Zedbox offers a pressure-free process that revolves purely around making sure you’re in love with your first home.

An Investment

You won’t lose out on the benefits of owning a home as an investment because your Zedbox can be rented out for many years after you’ve moved onto your second or third home. If it’s in the garden of a relative or friend, their property value will increase too!

All Yours

There’s no percentage of ownership when it comes to Zedbox. There’s no government involvement, no third party - it’s all yours to enjoy for decades!


This is the best bit: you’re not finding a home that you love, you’re creating a home you love! No endless searching, no budgeting for making it look how you would like it to – because you will have designed it your way in the first place, from colours to layout, to kitchens and bathrooms, the power is in your hands to make it a home you don’t want to leave!


Are you looking to make 2019 the year you make Zedbox your home? Want to find out more?

Get in touch with our friendly team today who can talk you through the options, send you our free 53-page catalogue in the post, or even arrange a completely free, no-obligation site survey – perfect to chat through your future plans.

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