Choosing The Right Zedbox For You

Our Zedbox series have been created to be a home to anybody, which means choosing a Zedbox is a choice that comes with the freedom to design a home you love.

Our dedicated team are always here to help you with those big decisions; however, we’ve put together a guide to what options and decisions you should be ready to make when designing your new apartment in the garden.


We have over 50 different sizes and configurations but have two core styles in the Zedbox range: the Zedbox and the Zedbox Barn annexe. Each are very different to one another, so it really is down to taste as to which one you’d prefer.

The Zedbox is a modern, sleek and powerful building with strong lines and impressive cladding design features. It is the perfect addition for new build homes and more modern surroundings, however, due to its minimalist look, it won’t look out of place wherever you live!

Our Zedbox Barn annexe range adds a charming, timeless design, with cladding that will make anyone want to move in!

The style of your Zedbox is certainly an important choice.


This is an important factor in any decision you make, however, our price range is more achievable in comparison to the budget you’d expect to have for a first home or annexe attached to your existing home. Plus, we’re flexible too, because we know everyone’s situation is different.

From staged appointments over the project timeline to long-term finance options, we’ve made sure you get the most out of your budget.

Your Dream Annexe

Having a plan before we visit you and truly knowing what it is you need your annexe to be is a great start to ensuring we design your dream space. This is quite broad, however, letting us know what it is you need will allow us to help you get the most out of your new home.

Here are a few questions to help you get started:

-          Is the annexe for you or a family member?

-          Who is going to be using it most?

-          What can you simply not go without?

-          Does there need to be wheelchair access?

-          Do you need more than one bedroom?

-          How often will the Zedbox be used?

Kitchen & Wetroom

Do you need a kitchen and wetroom in your Zedbox? If it’s a must, you will need to not only budget for these options as they are additional to the standard range, but also make sure you are opting for a Zedbox size that allows you to fit one or both in.

Our catalogue and website list all the sizes to let you know which of them are ideal for your dream kitchen and modern bathroom suite.


Location is incredibly important, not only for you but also for the local council, as well as our installation team. Having a good idea of where you would like to situate your Zedbox will allow our surveyor to inform you of the details you need to know about installation.

A Chat…

And of course, if you’d like to speak to a member of our team, who is filled to the brim with Zedbox know-how, you can always choose them as your starting point. We’re always happy to speak about your plans and requirements.

So get in touch today!