Zedbox Sizes Explained

Our core focus when developing and designing the Zedbox was to ensure maximum flexibility and options for you. This is to enable you to live in the apartment of your dreams, that you have had the ability to design and plan alongside our experts.

The Series – How They Work

Our range of Zedbox series have been designed to offer a simple way to discover which size of our Zedbox suits your needs the most.

The first number is there to let you know the width of your Zedbox. The 200 Series being 2m in width, the 300: 3 meters, and so on. The last two digits tell you what depth your Zedbox is, 240 for example is 2 x 4 and the 835 is 8 x 3.5. We’ve included below how these sizes can work for you, so you can truly understand just how Zedbox can be your apartment in the garden.

200 Series

The 200 Series is the perfect starting point for a one-person apartment, designed to deliver maximum space for you. The 200 Series is defined by the width of Zedbox being 2m. Going from 200 (2.4 x 2)  all the way to the 255 (2.4 x 5.5). A selection of this series are still spacious enough to have a mini kitchen and wetroom fitted, however, anything under the 235, the Zedbox would be a simple, yet stylish room for you or guests.

300 Series

Just with the 200, the 300 Series comes in eight different depths, yet is 3.4m wide. The 300 Series offers flexibility and intelligence all wrapped into one sleek and modern apartment. All of the sizes can include an optional wetroom, and any Zedbox in the 300 Series above 325 can also include a micro kitchen – making this space truly intuitive and perfect for modern living.

400 Series

Our 400 Series makes the perfect guest bedroom or micro apartment. 4.4m in width, the 400 Series offers a truly powerful look and a space than can be enjoyed as an apartment, fully fitted with a kitchen and bathroom (excluding the 420). Our larger 400 Series could even allow you to entertain in the Zedbox, or enough room for a two-person apartment. With the largest of the 400 Series costing under £40,000, the value for money in comparison to renting or buying is simply unquestionable!

500 Series

Meet the 500 Series – it’s certainly not messing around! Designed to offer maximum comfort and allow for a host of optional extras and configurations, this can be a truly luxurious one-person apartment, or even a comfortable and homely two-person apartment. With configurations that give you the power to have a large bedroom, or micro kitchen and even a wetroom, you can create your dream apartment.

600 Series

The 600 Series is an apartment, that truly is all about what you want from your home and lifestyle, the configuration options are endless and the space allows you room to make your mark. With a stunning micro kitchen, wetroom, bedroom and living space, this spacious micro home, is made for living a lifestyle you have dreamt of – and all within the price of the average deposit on a house! What more could you want? The opportunity to create your own home, at a price nowhere else could beat!

700 Series

The 700 Series gives you the flexibility to add-in multiple rooms enabling you to turn your Zedbox into a one-, two- or even three-bedroom apartment in your garden. One that you have had full control over, from configuration to design. A three-bedroom apartment with a bathroom, kitchen, and living space, our 700 Series is seriously impressive.

800 series

Our 800 Series is the largest in the range, created as the ultimate home in the garden. With a large and open footprint, the 800 Series is a home you just won’t ever want to leave. Created to offer you the opportunity to design an impressive open-plan apartment or to include two or three more rooms that can, in turn, create an apartment with bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and living space, with room left for entertaining, cooking, and enjoying your new home.

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