Where did Zedbox come from?

Proud to be British, Proud to be taking charge of change

At Zedbox, we are now in our third year of manufacturing, and our success tells a story of Zedbox delivering a product to the market that many have been looking for. Zedbox came from a passion to change the housing market and the crisis it has been drenched in for decades, to provide a product that doesn’t mean compromise, yet offers luxury and affordability, and is also from a proud and highly-regarded British manufacturer.

So, exactly why are we taking charge of change, and why should you be intrigued?

We understand the market

Zedbox is the sister company of SMART Garden Rooms, Offices & Studios. SMART designs, develops and manufactures garden rooms for homes across the UK. SMART garden rooms can be used for a whole hosts of reasons, from hairdressers to offices, yoga retreats to photography studios, and we’ve been making and installing these stunning rooms for well over a decade.

However, the one thing SMART can’t do is become a home. Well, we listened – and as we turned more and more customers away who were looking for a solution to their family’s needs, be it for the older or younger generation, we saw that if we could create a home that anyone would be proud of, in the form of an apartment in the garden, we would be the answer to a lot of people’s problems.

So taking our manufacturing experience, our proved construction techniques and industry know how, we created what we call today the Zedbox, an apartment in the garden.

Housing Crisis

One of the main reason customers approached us was because of a crisis that was out of all our hands – a lack of affordable living options. Getting on the property ladder is becoming harder as the years go by and the UK is looking for alternatives to the traditional route of home ownership, without spending a lifetime renting. Zedbox offers this and more.

With an affordable price tag – less than the average deposit of a first home – the Zedbox is an option for many. With no mortgage checks and flexible finance, it’s now possible for more and more people to find somewhere to call their own.

However, this came with a MUST. We are passionate about people not compromising because of the housing crisis in the UK, meaning we wanted to create a space that you’d be proud to call home; a space that you can’t wait to open the door to.

Made In Our Factory

This is where our industry knowhow comes in; through working with top designers and craftsmen, we took the fundamentals or powerful and trustworthy garden room construction and created space that conformed with all the rules and regulations, any council in the UK could throw at you, yet also gave you a space you can mould and shape into your own.

With a modern and sleek cladding, double-glazed (new build home) windows and doors, stylish new kitchen and wet room and plenty more optional extras, we manufactured a home that can be configured to taste and requirements.

From 1,2,3 and 4-bed apartments, to wheelchair access, and safety features, these apartments in the gardens are for anyone and everyone.

How Do You Start?

Getting on the road to owning your own apartment (in the garden) is really simple.

Our surveyors are fully trained in configuring and designing a Zedbox fit for any purpose, with you in mind. We provide a completely free, no-obligation quotation to you, by visiting your garden and planning and specifying your new Zedbox with you. We’ll provide you with all the finance options, timescales and process so you can make an informed decision about your brand new home.

Want to get yours booked in? Get in touch with the team today on 0800 242 5676.