Our New Dedicated Zedbox R&D Facility

We've created our own dedicated and standalone R&D unit just five miles away from our main factory in Thurston. This business expansion has been supported by New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, through the Growing Business Fund

Our brand new 5000 sq ft facility was formally opened in August 2018 by local MP Jo Churchill, and is equipped with the very latest CAD/CAM equipment. We now prepare for our next step in building development, volume production and export markets.

Complete with 4 dedicated development CAD artists and a team of 7 hands-on technicians, our new separate product development focus is escalating at an impressive rate.

We've always been tech-led, and NPD has been core to our astronomical growth over the last few years (Smart has quadrupled in size in just 4 years) but it had always been incidental to the business and, in truth, rather ad-hoc.

We started our concerted R&D programme quite gently with an in house team and small barn separate from our main factory in late 2016, but by mid 2017 it became quite apparent that we needed to create more resource to accommodate our internal demand.

Hence we created our own high-tech resource and recruited an exceptional team of individuals to propel and improve our products to become world class.

As we now launch Zedbox into international markets our R&D demand is stepping up yet again, we've developed new products that require an additional production facility that will come on line in early 2019 so our investment is proving hugely valuable to us as a company, our team, our customers and the wider community.

We've received enormous support through R&D tax credits and through the Growing Business Fund operated via New Anglia LEP and brought about to us by the New Anglia Growth Hub. Their involvement with our business has been invaluable - and we genuinely would never be able to maximise our opportunities without this enormous source of help.