Having Guests To Stay at Christmas? Not a Problem With Zedbox!

Are you entertaining at Christmas and currently working out how you're going to fit everyone in? Inflatable beds, sofa beds and sleeping bags becoming apart of the Christmas festivities?

Well, imagine no longer having to worry about fitting everyone in the house, no matter what the occasion... in fact, imagine being able to offer your guests their very own five-star accommodation...

We can make this possible here at Zedbox, as it's exactly what we specialise in, offering out of this world, five-star, apartments in the garden and at an affordable price.

We're not for one moment suggesting that a Zedbox is only put to use at Christmas time - it's far too irresistible for that; however, why having a Zedbox at Christmas is the only gift you or your family will want.

More Than Just An Extra Bed

We're not just looking at one more bed for a guest to stay. Zedbox is your apartment in the garden, meaning you can add 1,2,3 or 4 bedrooms to your apartment to create an extra special living space. Not only are you adding a bedroom, you’re also adding in a bathroom, kitchen and living space if you so choose, meaning your guests have their very own apartment to enjoy when staying over. The only problem is getting them to leave!

Space For The Trimmings

If you opt for our micro kitchen in your brand new Zedbox, that extra cooking space will go a long way at this time of year. Whether you give the turkey it's own space to cook, or dedicate it to roasting all the Christmas dinner trimmings, cooking Christmas dinner for a crowd has never been easier with your very own kitchenette. Or perhaps, you're a true believer in ‘too many cooks’ and you want to escape to the Zedbox to cook the Christmas dinner in peace?

Their Own Space So You Can Find Your Own Space

Family festivities are exhausting for everyone, so having a space your guests can retreat to, leaving you to recover in the house is invaluable at this time of the year, meaning you all get time to celebrate your own long-standing Christmas traditions.


The Zedbox is an apartment in the garden and has been created to be used in so many different ways, from permanent to guest accommodation - it's a home for whoever needs one and one that doesn't compromise. With so many sizes to choose from, you have a true say in what your dream apartment looks like, from how many bedrooms, to a kitchen, bathroom and living area.

It's the gift that keeps on giving!

If you've decided that next year is the year for you to have a Zedbox ready for any special occasion, or for someone you know needs a space to call their own, get in contact with us.

We'll help you each and every step of the way...

- Order your free Zedbox catalogue from us today! It’s packed with ideas, inspiration and information on our entire Zedbox range.

- Our free Zedbox consultation is here so you can meet with one of our experienced consultants to design your Zedbox and receive your free, no-obligation quote.

- Then we get to work building your dream apartment in the garden. No intrusive construction site or lengthy build: a small team, in a matter of days that can build your brand new Zedbox.

Simply get in touch with the team today to find out how we can help!