It's Easy Keeping Warm in Your Zedbox This Winter

The Zedbox is your apartment in the garden, a home for you or a family member, and designed to be used no matter the weather 365 days of the year, just as any other apartment or house. Zedbox keeps you cool and comfy in the summer and warm and cosy in the winter - especially so during the cold winter months that 2019 has brought so far. Here we explore some of the construction and design features your Zedbox has to keep you warm throughout the winter.

Insulation & Construction

The Zedbox is built with only the highest-quality timber and insulation materials and built using our own trusted and renowned construction technique, making your home, strong and resilient to the strongest of winds and heaviest of rain.

The insulation is thick and chunky making it an effective barrier against the cold weather. What's more, the high grade double glazing on both windows and doors gives you the extra peace of mind that you'll be warm and cosy no matter the weather.

Heated Flooring

As an extra touch of luxury, Zedbox comes with heated flooring, creating extra warmth and comfort to your home. This comes as standard and is included in the price – that added bit warmth is not going to cost you an extra penny, it's a win-win!


The Zedbox bedroom furniture is perfect for keeping you warm and cosy during winter, from the high set, double bed that looks more inviting than ever when it's cold outside, to the inbuilt wardrobes, perfect for storing all those big coats and woolly jumpers.

Your Zedbox can include all of these features if you choose!


What's better than a hot, home-cooked meal in the winter, or simply getting home and putting the kettle on? The Zedbox can feature a modern, sleek and intuitive kitchen, including oven, fridge, sink, storage and washing machine. With enough room for you to add in a dining table to serve up your kitchen creations to guests. It's the perfect place to be!

Home Comforts

With Zedbox, you can move in all of your home comforts and personalise the space to be as inviting and cosy as you would like! From warm, plush rugs to comfy cushions, the Zedbox is your home, meaning you have the freedom to create a space you adore, no limits!

Is this the year you get on the property ladder? Move family closer to home? Or give your grown-up children a space of their own? Get in touch with us today.

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Getting On The Property Ladder With Zedbox

Here at Zedbox, we have a passion for affordable yet luxury living and we want to ensure everyone has a place to call their own. This is why we developed a range of products to go against the traditional first step on the property ladder. And although Zedbox isn’t a house, it is a home – one which 100s of people across the UK are already living in.

There’s nothing wrong with going for the path less travelled, especially if it’s more accessible, affordable and personal – and here’s why Zedbox are all of those things:

Low Deposit

A deposit on a Zedbox is far lower than a deposit placed on a first house which is great news for first-time buyers! What’s more is you have options; you can pay one lump sum or spread the cost over a number of years (many years fewer than your average mortgage!). It’s a win-win, and you have more of your budget left for creating your new home.

Mortgage Paperwork is History

There aren’t 1,000s of hoops to jump through and we’re by your side every step of the way. No chains, no estate agents, no bidding wars; just a friendly surveyor and a knowledgeable team with time to ensure you make the right choice for you. Zedbox offers a pressure-free process that revolves purely around making sure you’re in love with your first home.

An Investment

You won’t lose out on the benefits of owning a home as an investment because your Zedbox can be rented out for many years after you’ve moved onto your second or third home. If it’s in the garden of a relative or friend, their property value will increase too!

All Yours

There’s no percentage of ownership when it comes to Zedbox. There’s no government involvement, no third party - it’s all yours to enjoy for decades!


This is the best bit: you’re not finding a home that you love, you’re creating a home you love! No endless searching, no budgeting for making it look how you would like it to – because you will have designed it your way in the first place, from colours to layout, to kitchens and bathrooms, the power is in your hands to make it a home you don’t want to leave!


Are you looking to make 2019 the year you make Zedbox your home? Want to find out more?

Get in touch with our friendly team today who can talk you through the options, send you our free 53-page catalogue in the post, or even arrange a completely free, no-obligation site survey – perfect to chat through your future plans.

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Choosing The Right Zedbox For You

Our Zedbox series have been created to be a home to anybody, which means choosing a Zedbox is a choice that comes with the freedom to design a home you love.

Our dedicated team are always here to help you with those big decisions; however, we’ve put together a guide to what options and decisions you should be ready to make when designing your new apartment in the garden.


We have over 50 different sizes and configurations but have two core styles in the Zedbox range: the Zedbox and the Zedbox Barn annexe. Each are very different to one another, so it really is down to taste as to which one you’d prefer.

The Zedbox is a modern, sleek and powerful building with strong lines and impressive cladding design features. It is the perfect addition for new build homes and more modern surroundings, however, due to its minimalist look, it won’t look out of place wherever you live!

Our Zedbox Barn annexe range adds a charming, timeless design, with cladding that will make anyone want to move in!

The style of your Zedbox is certainly an important choice.


This is an important factor in any decision you make, however, our price range is more achievable in comparison to the budget you’d expect to have for a first home or annexe attached to your existing home. Plus, we’re flexible too, because we know everyone’s situation is different.

From staged appointments over the project timeline to long-term finance options, we’ve made sure you get the most out of your budget.

Your Dream Annexe

Having a plan before we visit you and truly knowing what it is you need your annexe to be is a great start to ensuring we design your dream space. This is quite broad, however, letting us know what it is you need will allow us to help you get the most out of your new home.

Here are a few questions to help you get started:

-          Is the annexe for you or a family member?

-          Who is going to be using it most?

-          What can you simply not go without?

-          Does there need to be wheelchair access?

-          Do you need more than one bedroom?

-          How often will the Zedbox be used?

Kitchen & Wetroom

Do you need a kitchen and wetroom in your Zedbox? If it’s a must, you will need to not only budget for these options as they are additional to the standard range, but also make sure you are opting for a Zedbox size that allows you to fit one or both in.

Our catalogue and website list all the sizes to let you know which of them are ideal for your dream kitchen and modern bathroom suite.


Location is incredibly important, not only for you but also for the local council, as well as our installation team. Having a good idea of where you would like to situate your Zedbox will allow our surveyor to inform you of the details you need to know about installation.

A Chat…

And of course, if you’d like to speak to a member of our team, who is filled to the brim with Zedbox know-how, you can always choose them as your starting point. We’re always happy to speak about your plans and requirements.

So get in touch today!

Zedbox Sizes Explained

Our core focus when developing and designing the Zedbox was to ensure maximum flexibility and options for you. This is to enable you to live in the apartment of your dreams, that you have had the ability to design and plan alongside our experts.

The Series – How They Work

Our range of Zedbox series have been designed to offer a simple way to discover which size of our Zedbox suits your needs the most.

The first number is there to let you know the width of your Zedbox. The 200 Series being 2m in width, the 300: 3 meters, and so on. The last two digits tell you what depth your Zedbox is, 240 for example is 2 x 4 and the 835 is 8 x 3.5. We’ve included below how these sizes can work for you, so you can truly understand just how Zedbox can be your apartment in the garden.

200 Series

The 200 Series is the perfect starting point for a one-person apartment, designed to deliver maximum space for you. The 200 Series is defined by the width of Zedbox being 2m. Going from 200 (2.4 x 2)  all the way to the 255 (2.4 x 5.5). A selection of this series are still spacious enough to have a mini kitchen and wetroom fitted, however, anything under the 235, the Zedbox would be a simple, yet stylish room for you or guests.

300 Series

Just with the 200, the 300 Series comes in eight different depths, yet is 3.4m wide. The 300 Series offers flexibility and intelligence all wrapped into one sleek and modern apartment. All of the sizes can include an optional wetroom, and any Zedbox in the 300 Series above 325 can also include a micro kitchen – making this space truly intuitive and perfect for modern living.

400 Series

Our 400 Series makes the perfect guest bedroom or micro apartment. 4.4m in width, the 400 Series offers a truly powerful look and a space than can be enjoyed as an apartment, fully fitted with a kitchen and bathroom (excluding the 420). Our larger 400 Series could even allow you to entertain in the Zedbox, or enough room for a two-person apartment. With the largest of the 400 Series costing under £40,000, the value for money in comparison to renting or buying is simply unquestionable!

500 Series

Meet the 500 Series – it’s certainly not messing around! Designed to offer maximum comfort and allow for a host of optional extras and configurations, this can be a truly luxurious one-person apartment, or even a comfortable and homely two-person apartment. With configurations that give you the power to have a large bedroom, or micro kitchen and even a wetroom, you can create your dream apartment.

600 Series

The 600 Series is an apartment, that truly is all about what you want from your home and lifestyle, the configuration options are endless and the space allows you room to make your mark. With a stunning micro kitchen, wetroom, bedroom and living space, this spacious micro home, is made for living a lifestyle you have dreamt of – and all within the price of the average deposit on a house! What more could you want? The opportunity to create your own home, at a price nowhere else could beat!

700 Series

The 700 Series gives you the flexibility to add-in multiple rooms enabling you to turn your Zedbox into a one-, two- or even three-bedroom apartment in your garden. One that you have had full control over, from configuration to design. A three-bedroom apartment with a bathroom, kitchen, and living space, our 700 Series is seriously impressive.

800 series

Our 800 Series is the largest in the range, created as the ultimate home in the garden. With a large and open footprint, the 800 Series is a home you just won’t ever want to leave. Created to offer you the opportunity to design an impressive open-plan apartment or to include two or three more rooms that can, in turn, create an apartment with bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and living space, with room left for entertaining, cooking, and enjoying your new home.

Want to know more, or to book your free, no-obligation site survey? Get in touch with the team today.

Where did Zedbox come from?

Proud to be British, Proud to be taking charge of change

At Zedbox, we are now in our third year of manufacturing, and our success tells a story of Zedbox delivering a product to the market that many have been looking for. Zedbox came from a passion to change the housing market and the crisis it has been drenched in for decades, to provide a product that doesn’t mean compromise, yet offers luxury and affordability, and is also from a proud and highly-regarded British manufacturer.

So, exactly why are we taking charge of change, and why should you be intrigued?

We understand the market

Zedbox is the sister company of SMART Garden Rooms, Offices & Studios. SMART designs, develops and manufactures garden rooms for homes across the UK. SMART garden rooms can be used for a whole hosts of reasons, from hairdressers to offices, yoga retreats to photography studios, and we’ve been making and installing these stunning rooms for well over a decade.

However, the one thing SMART can’t do is become a home. Well, we listened – and as we turned more and more customers away who were looking for a solution to their family’s needs, be it for the older or younger generation, we saw that if we could create a home that anyone would be proud of, in the form of an apartment in the garden, we would be the answer to a lot of people’s problems.

So taking our manufacturing experience, our proved construction techniques and industry know how, we created what we call today the Zedbox, an apartment in the garden.

Housing Crisis

One of the main reason customers approached us was because of a crisis that was out of all our hands – a lack of affordable living options. Getting on the property ladder is becoming harder as the years go by and the UK is looking for alternatives to the traditional route of home ownership, without spending a lifetime renting. Zedbox offers this and more.

With an affordable price tag – less than the average deposit of a first home – the Zedbox is an option for many. With no mortgage checks and flexible finance, it’s now possible for more and more people to find somewhere to call their own.

However, this came with a MUST. We are passionate about people not compromising because of the housing crisis in the UK, meaning we wanted to create a space that you’d be proud to call home; a space that you can’t wait to open the door to.

Made In Our Factory

This is where our industry knowhow comes in; through working with top designers and craftsmen, we took the fundamentals or powerful and trustworthy garden room construction and created space that conformed with all the rules and regulations, any council in the UK could throw at you, yet also gave you a space you can mould and shape into your own.

With a modern and sleek cladding, double-glazed (new build home) windows and doors, stylish new kitchen and wet room and plenty more optional extras, we manufactured a home that can be configured to taste and requirements.

From 1,2,3 and 4-bed apartments, to wheelchair access, and safety features, these apartments in the gardens are for anyone and everyone.

How Do You Start?

Getting on the road to owning your own apartment (in the garden) is really simple.

Our surveyors are fully trained in configuring and designing a Zedbox fit for any purpose, with you in mind. We provide a completely free, no-obligation quotation to you, by visiting your garden and planning and specifying your new Zedbox with you. We’ll provide you with all the finance options, timescales and process so you can make an informed decision about your brand new home.

Want to get yours booked in? Get in touch with the team today on 0800 242 5676.

What's In A Zedbox?

The Zedbox has been painstakingly designed to create optimal space that is comfortable, flexible and innovative. Centred around you, your lifestyle and your requirements, the Zedbox is all about creating a home your love.

So, how exactly have we developed a space that works for you?

What exactly is inside a Zedbox?

The Right Amount Of Space For You

The Zedbox ranges from a cosy 2x2 bedroom, to a breath-taking 8x5 (or more!) apartment in the garden, so you are confined only to your personal preference and budget. We’re not putting any limits on your dream space, so from a studio apartment, to a 2-bedroom apartment, guaranteed, we’ll deliver.

No Matter The Weather

Step inside and you’ll be greeted by a deceptively light and non-invasive design, with oak floor boards and clean white, modern walls, deceptive, as in actual fact, you’re stood inside an apartment that has top of the range insulation, thick chunky and high quality walls, and ceilings, that will without fail will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

A View That Works For You Too

Top of the range, double-glazed windows and doors add in an additional element of security and warmth, matching the specification you would expect to find in a new-build house.

Comfort From Head To Toe

We’re committed, passionate and obsessive about offering a living space that you will truly fall in love with, meaning the Zedbox also has underfloor heating included in the price to make your home feel even more welcoming.

Planning On Cooking Up A Storm?

If you’re looking for your own space to cook, entertain or create your own signature bake, the Zedbox can be home to a modern, glossy yet highly functional kitchen, with integrated oven, electric hob, sink, fridge and washing machine, plus workspace and storage space. A kitchen that will create delicious food and a splash of envy amongst guests.

Shut The Door & Get Even More Space!

Just as you would find in any home, having your own bedroom to catch those all-important z’s is also absolutely an option in the Zedbox and comes in many forms.

From keeping an open studio-style space or choosing to build partition walls to create a 1, 2 or even 3-bedroom apartment, the choice is all yours.

We’ve create a range of bedroom furniture, that inspires and saves space too, from mini double beds to clever integrated wardrobes, the power is in your hands, to create a space you can’t wait to get home to.

Getting Ready To Seize The Day

A necessary space, yet a space that we’ve designed to be fun, clever and intuitive. Your Zedbox can also come complete with a wetroom (optional), including, shower, toilet and basin.

You can truly get creative here, by giving yourself a bedroom, en-suite or guest bathroom, to make the Zedbox truly a comfortable space for you and your family and friends.

Our dedication to creating a home you can’t wait to get back goes far beyond blank spaces, we’re passionate about intelligent design, space saving ideas and a modern and luxurious feel, the apartment in the garden doesn’t compromise and neither should you.

Want to know more? We’re here to help. Order your catalogue today.

Or, you can contact our expert team, who will be happy to answer any questions, or arrange your free, no obligation site consultation, here you’ll be able to discuss and design your dream Zedbox, we’ll provide you with a quotation, and the rest is up to you! 





5 Key Differences Between A Garden Room & A Garden Annexe

Here at Zedbox, we’re often asked the difference between a garden room and garden annexe. Well, we’re the right people to ask because before Zedbox became the UK’s garden annexe breakthrough company, SMART Garden Rooms, Offices & Studios - the sister company of Zedbox - had been making garden rooms for over a decade and continues to do so today.

As designers, developers and craftsmen of both garden annexes (Zedbox) and garden rooms (SMART), we can see, from the inside out, the key difference these buildings have.  

Garden rooms and garden annexes can appear, from the outside, easily confused as not being too different at all. Take for example SMART’s Ultra range compared with our original Zedbox. Each modern style embodies Great British design; however, they both have key features that make them truly unique buildings in their own right.

We’ve highlighted the 5 key differences between a garden room and a garden annexe:

Building Regulations:

Perhaps the most important and core difference between a garden room and a garden annexe is how you as the owner can use them.

SMART: A garden room can be used as additional space at home all year round, yet cannot be used as a permanent or common dwelling.

Zedbox: Whereas a garden annexe due to being compliant with building regulations allows you to reside in one all year round, 365 days of the year.

Planning Permission:

SMART: The majority of garden rooms will not require planning permission, inclusive in this rule are our SMARTs. Although sometimes needed, the SMART range has been designed to rule out the requirement of planning permission as much as possible.

Zedbox: A garden annexe, however, will need planning permission no matter the circumstances due to the building becoming a room in which you plan to live (i.e. sleep in.)


SMART: SMART gives you flexibility of a size that suits your garden, budget and needs. With SMART having up to 10 sizes to choose from.

Zedbox: However, due to having to comply with building regulations and having to have planning permission, the Zedbox can offer a more ambitious sizing structure, one you most likely wouldn’t ever need for an office space, yet would for a living space, this means Zedbox has on offer over 50 sizes to choose from!

Comfort: SMARTs and Zedboxes have been designed for maximum comfort.

SMART: With SMART creating the perfect space for your office, art studio or hideaway, comfort is found in the thick chunky walls and optional lighting and customisation.

Zedbox: With the Zedbox, comfort can be found in each and every corner having been designed to be lived in. This includes the exclusive furniture range from Zedbox, even a more compact Zedbox can be made a truly luxurious living space, by adding in comfy space saving beds, or state of the art mini kitchens.

Both allowing ample space to be perfect for each of their individual uses whether work, play or sleep!


SMART: The garden room is still perfect for use 365 days of the year and excellent in all weather conditions, yet the specification is more centralised around making a space to be enjoyed as an additional room instead of living space, with unlimited double glazing and being able to position the windows and doors however you wish, the garden room provides a room at home with unbeatable flexibility.

Zedbox: With a garden annexe specified to meet building regulations, you will also discover a difference in the overall specification, with even thicker chunkier walls, fire safety features and beautiful aesthetic specifications such as a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom(s), the annexe has been created to allow the Zedbox to become your home.

Work and hobby space has an entirely different requirement in all five of these elements than a space designed to be lived in. Both the garden room – SMART and the garden annexe for Zedbox have been curated to allow these spaces to fulfil their potential and beyond. Plus, with the added benefit of both companies using their tested, trusted and industry leading TuSc construction system, each offer unbeatable strength and rigidity.

So, although similar in quality and sometimes style, these two intelligent types of garden buildings have been specifically designed in truly unique ways to create and maximise their ability as a working space or as a living space.

Want to know more? Contact the Zedbox team today.

Having Guests To Stay at Christmas? Not a Problem With Zedbox!

Are you entertaining at Christmas and currently working out how you're going to fit everyone in? Inflatable beds, sofa beds and sleeping bags becoming apart of the Christmas festivities?

Well, imagine no longer having to worry about fitting everyone in the house, no matter what the occasion... in fact, imagine being able to offer your guests their very own five-star accommodation...

We can make this possible here at Zedbox, as it's exactly what we specialise in, offering out of this world, five-star, apartments in the garden and at an affordable price.

We're not for one moment suggesting that a Zedbox is only put to use at Christmas time - it's far too irresistible for that; however, why having a Zedbox at Christmas is the only gift you or your family will want.

More Than Just An Extra Bed

We're not just looking at one more bed for a guest to stay. Zedbox is your apartment in the garden, meaning you can add 1,2,3 or 4 bedrooms to your apartment to create an extra special living space. Not only are you adding a bedroom, you’re also adding in a bathroom, kitchen and living space if you so choose, meaning your guests have their very own apartment to enjoy when staying over. The only problem is getting them to leave!

Space For The Trimmings

If you opt for our micro kitchen in your brand new Zedbox, that extra cooking space will go a long way at this time of year. Whether you give the turkey it's own space to cook, or dedicate it to roasting all the Christmas dinner trimmings, cooking Christmas dinner for a crowd has never been easier with your very own kitchenette. Or perhaps, you're a true believer in ‘too many cooks’ and you want to escape to the Zedbox to cook the Christmas dinner in peace?

Their Own Space So You Can Find Your Own Space

Family festivities are exhausting for everyone, so having a space your guests can retreat to, leaving you to recover in the house is invaluable at this time of the year, meaning you all get time to celebrate your own long-standing Christmas traditions.


The Zedbox is an apartment in the garden and has been created to be used in so many different ways, from permanent to guest accommodation - it's a home for whoever needs one and one that doesn't compromise. With so many sizes to choose from, you have a true say in what your dream apartment looks like, from how many bedrooms, to a kitchen, bathroom and living area.

It's the gift that keeps on giving!

If you've decided that next year is the year for you to have a Zedbox ready for any special occasion, or for someone you know needs a space to call their own, get in contact with us.

We'll help you each and every step of the way...

- Order your free Zedbox catalogue from us today! It’s packed with ideas, inspiration and information on our entire Zedbox range.

- Our free Zedbox consultation is here so you can meet with one of our experienced consultants to design your Zedbox and receive your free, no-obligation quote.

- Then we get to work building your dream apartment in the garden. No intrusive construction site or lengthy build: a small team, in a matter of days that can build your brand new Zedbox.

Simply get in touch with the team today to find out how we can help!