Zedbox Update 17th May 2019

Zedbox Update- 17th May 2019

It is with profound regret that Zedbox has ceased to trade.

We have been unable to secure the required funding in time to allow the business to continue, and following ongoing professional advice from RSM Accountants in Bury St Edmunds, Zedbox has gone into voluntary liquidation.

RSM are contacting all relevant parties with immediate effect.

Due to the refinancing difficulties, the proposed restructure and planned CVA have now become unviable, despite recent reinvestment attempts.

All remaining 39 employees have been made redundant.

The company has attempted to contact all affected customers by phone.

We would like to apologise to all customers, employees and suppliers.


Zedbox was created specifically using an innovative method of design and manufacture of garden annexe buildings.

At its dedicated R&D centre, the company used high end CNC robotics for manufacture. However initial technical problems occurred with some production and consequently installations were delayed.

Zedbox had demand from across the UK, and internationally, and had secured substantial financial support for a new 12,000 sq ft state of the art factory from HSBC and New Anglia LEP for production of up to 500 units each year and to be employing over 100 staff.

In preparation for this expansion the company employed over 50 manufacturing, sales, design, installation and groundworks employees, and commenced a significant training programme. The company invested heavily in infrastructure. However, the agreed funding was not forthcoming as the business moved into the Spring. A secondary refinance package which was agreed for April has failed, making the business unviable to continue. Consequently, following ongoing professional advice, it was agreed to place Zedbox into voluntary liquidation.

If you are affected by this matter, please contact

RSM LLP, Abbotsgate House, Hollow Road, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP32 7FA
T:+44 1284 763311 W: www.rsmuk.com

Zedbox Update


update 3rd May 2019

We are currently writing to all individual customers and creditors with an update on the position at Zedbox. There’s been a large amount of hearsay being spread on social media and we need to open and frank about the current situation.

Firstly, we’d like to apologise for the delays in our installation schedule – and in our recent customer service.  And we’d like to explain how we are rectifying the situation.


Installation Problems – and the resolutions

As you may be aware, Zedbox has encountered significant operational difficulties over the last few months. These difficulties have been caused by initial manufacturing and installation problems and, consequently, each Zedbox building has taken much longer to install than planned.

We took the decision to temporarily reduce production levels so that we can address the installation issues at design/factory stage. We will be maintaining production at a much slower rate for several more months, and plan to step back up production in the autumn.


Customer Service Issues – and the resolutions

Our Customer service has been lacking in recent weeks, as our small team lost several Project Managers at the same time, so it became “all hands on deck” for our Operations Team. We plan to improve our customer service straight away.



Due to these significant operational difficulties the company has struggled financially in the last few months - though always with the support of the bank - until last month. Professional advice has been taken by the management team throughout about the validity of continuing to trade.

Due to the problems with external funding, Zedbox Founder, Charlie Dalton, is currently trying to support Zedbox through further investment – via the sale of another company. However this sale is taking much longer than planned and following another delay in funding this week some Zedbox staff were laid off.

It is intended to introduce a CVA (Creditors Voluntary Arrangement) for Zedbox so that creditors, over time, may be repaid. We have been liaising with RSM accountants to establish the CVA as soon as possible.



If our renewed installation schedule is unacceptable to any client then

Clients who have requested a refund, subject to the T&Cs, then will be able to claim through the CVA.

Similarly, clients who have paid by card will be able to action Section 75 with their card provider.

We will be providing full details of the Accountants who will be managing the CVA and will be in touch directly again with clients.

Moving forward

Following reinvestment the team will be immediately focussing on product development so that we can bring our installation schedule back up to speed as soon as possible.

We’re very very sorry for the delays, poor customer service and generating the degree of worry and upset for our clients, staff and  suppliers  

We hugely regret the current problems and are working hard to rectify the situation.

We will be refocussing on smooth production and a much-improved level of customer service.

Thank you for bearing with us.

Staying Warm & Cosy With Zedbox

Cosying up and being warm is at top of most people’s list at this time of the year, and we've got the perfect way to do so. So perfect in fact, that doing it any other way simply just won't do. Our ranges of Zedbox have been designed to make this time of year warm and cosy and the warmer months cool and comfy.

When we say the apartment in the garden, we're not over exaggerating! We've built an apartment for your garden with every mod con and feature you could possibly need to make it a home perfect for hibernating in during winter.


With a fully-functioning kitchen fitted with fridge, oven, hob, plenty of prep space and storage space, you can cook up all those winter treats to keep you feeling warm and cosy. The spacious kitchen allows you to cook up a storm for you and your guests. The only issue is keeping up with all those visitors once word gets around!

Underfloor Heating

The underfloor heating included with your Zedbox is dreamy this time of year, making your space feel extra inviting - perfect when you're returning from work, a chilly winter walk or first thing in the morning when the winter frost really bites.

Living Room

A spacious and inviting living room is yours to design, with room for plush sofas, warm thick blankets and a coffee table for your hot chocolate. Cosying up in the living room in a Zedbox is the ideal way to see through the winter. Just like any other apartment, you can fit a TV, or large bookshelves to read your favourite books or watch your favourite films.

No compromises

Just because Zedbox isn't your traditional apartment, it doesn't mean we've had to compromise on insulation or building materials. The thick chunky walls and high-tech, high performance insulation means just like any other house or apartment, the Zedbox will do a lot of the work for you in keeping you warm and cosy throughout the winter.

All Done Your Way

What's even better is how you live and stay warm and cosy is all down to you. We don't expect you to compromise either - we certainly haven't with any of our materials or construction techniques! This means you can design your apartment exactly how you wish: from where the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room is, to where the plug sockets, cupboards and storage goes, meaning comfy and cosy is officially in your control.  

Windows & Doors

The windows and doors on the Zedbox are the same you'll find in a new-build home - secure and effective no matter the weather. So heating costs are kept to a minimum and you feel comfortable and warm all year round.

Getting your own Zedbox is simple and we've made it flexible too.

You can order your free catalogue today to get inspiration and ideas on how to create your dream new home, and you can contact our team who can arrange a completely free no obligation site survey for you, our expert surveyors will help you design your apartment from top to bottom, so you have a haven to go to in the winter and summer.

Plus, what's more we understand that finance needs to be flexible to your circumstances, so with our plans you can find a way to afford your Zedbox, meaning living in your own home is more achievable than ever before.

So if you want to spend winter 2019, warm and cosy in your very own Zedbox, get in touch with the team today, and start planning your dream new home.

Zedbox: The Revolutionary Granny Annexe

A bold statement indeed - but one we're not scared to make.

For too long, sub-standard annexes have been the norm for the older generation who are looking to move in with family, yet keep their independence; a space that ‘does the job’.

Well, we've decided to go one step (in fact, 100 steps!) further and create an annexe that is completely incomparable in today's market - created not to just ‘do the job’ - but to exceed expectations, inspire independence and create a living space that will be the envy of all.

How Have We Done It?

Our experience in garden offices and studios has allowed us to understand, create and develop a robust construction technique in manufacturing rooms that are built to last. Our experience has also exposed to us a real desire for these rooms to be able to be lived in all year round.

Zedbox has been created for this exact reason - fully compliant with every tick box, regulation and permission your local council could possibly throw at you. Zedbox is created to work… and work for everyone!

With this strong and reliable foundation of strength, rigidity and compliance, we got to work designing a living space that is truly for you.


Granny Annexes are by their very nature for an older generation. We've designed Zedbox to allow for complete flexibility when it comes to your requirements and needs. With access options, the ability to fit harnesses, deliver open-plan spaces and easy-to-use bathrooms and kitchens, Zedbox can be designed to suit any need or requirement.

Design Without Compromise

The flexibility and functionality of Zedbox doesn't mean - like other Granny Annexes - you have to compromise in the design and style of the living space itself - far from it.
With sleek, modern lines, a fresh, light and spacious interior, powerful external finish and ultra modern amenities, Zedbox gives you functionality and a look that you'll simply fall in love with.

A Space You Create

Thinking inside the box is a good thing when it comes to this dreamy new apartment in the garden. Your thoughts, preferences and lifestyle are all taken into account when we give you options and specifications to choose from to create a new home that's truly yours.

The configuration of your Zedbox is 100% for you to decide. These intelligent apartments can be configured to give you a living space, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, games room, dressing room… the list is endless.
These aren't one-size-fits-all annexes - they're spaces that can be personalised, configured and moulded to match you and your lifestyle.

Comfort, Security & Strength

Not only does Zedbox come with a warranty, you'll also find it's fitted out with modern double-glazed windows and doors, high-performance insulation and constructed to provide ultimate strength. Cold, bitter winters are no longer expensive to heat - and warm, stuffy summers are kept nice and cool with our clever design.
Costs are kept to a minimum and comfort is set to maximum meaning you win each and every time.

We're not here to give you a granny annexe that is just convenient, we're here to give you a granny annexe that's revolutionary!

From the space, design, cost and comfort, you'll find the revolution is bouncing off every wall, from the kitchen, to the bathroom, to your new living room.

No one should live in a space they don't feel at home and our apartment in the garden is here to make sure that just doesn't happen.

Find Out More

Contact our friendly, knowledgeable expert team today on hello@zedbox.co.uk or by calling 0800 242 5676.

We're always on hand to answer questions, help you get started or inspired and to make sure you're in control every step of the way.

Zedbox Vs The Tiny House

What is a Tiny House?

A Tiny House, is not one singular product, but a movement and a lifestyle decision.

The main principle of the Tiny House movement is to encourage home owners to downsize dramatically, and live way below their means in an attempt to realign social and materialistic desires and to live purely with what you need instead of what you want.

In short, Tiny House is a movement promoting anti-consumerism by living in a house under 500sqm and with minimal possessions.

What is a Zedbox?

Zedbox is our product, one singular product, built as a sensible and realistic option to the growing housing crisis in the UK.

A Zedbox is built on land you or your family own, most likely within the garden of the family home. Created solely with the aim of addressing issues the housing crisis has created - such as how to get on the property ladder for the first time, how to make care affordable, how to keep families together longer, and how to allow older ‘children’ to live independently.

In short, Zedbox is a self-contained apartment in the garden.

Why are they going to head to head?

We knew when we launched Zedbox that our product and the Tiny House movement would quickly draw comparisons, and although the very simple premise could be compared, we’re keen to show the UK and the world that a Zedbox is not a movement to persuade you to live differently, it’s here to allow you to live the way you want to live, in the most accessible and affordable way possible.

We’ve explored below some of the sharp contrasts between a Tiny House and Zedbox.

Consistent Quality

We’re not for one second suggesting that there aren’t Tiny Houses built out there that are constructed to the highest of standards. However, as we’ve already explored they are not a product yet a movement, meaning the construction and overall quality is down to who you decided to have construct your tiny house, and how you designed it.

The Zedbox, although available in over 60 sizes, is built using the latest CAD/CAM technology, and by truly experienced and expert craftsmen, all Zedboxes are constructed using a tried, tested and respected construction technique, and installed by respected construction professionals. Our quality is consistently of the highest finish and we pride ourselves on delivering a product you can truly trust.


The Tiny House movement – due to the differences in construction and type (wheels / no wheels) can leave a lot to be answered in terms of how the local council views them. From the permissions they require to how and where they can be used, the answers are different each and every time, and can be a risky investment if the categorisations and regulations haven’t been investigated properly.

Our Zedbox however, although designed to be unique to you, are uniform in their categorisation and permissions, we have decades of experience in building regulations and planning permission, and have ensured each and every inch of our Zedbox ticks all the boxes. Plus, we will also ensure prior to purchase that your new Zedbox is fully compliant through managing applications and paperwork with your local council ourselves.

Living for your lifestyle and nothing less.

The Tiny House movement is all about changing your lifestyle to reflect the movement.

Zedbox is all about a move to match your lifestyle. With a fully fitted kitchen, bathroom and the ability to have separate living spaces, we’re all about making lifestyle dreams a reality, a smaller footprint shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice your home comforts and we’ve done everything we can to ensure this is the case!

An addition to the family home. Not the family home.

The Tiny House movement is all about making the small space the new family home.

We’re not here to move the whole family into a small space, we’re here to help the members of family who need their own space, find some, from parents moving back in, to the “kids” (adults) moving out for the first time, the Zedbox is all about finding a space for them to call their own, that the whole family is truly proud of.

OK, we’re a little biased of course, however we’re really keen to spread the word that the Zedbox isn’t about giving up, changing or sacrifice - it’s about finding a space that works for everybody!

Want to know more?

Get in touch with our Zedbox team, who will be happy to talk you through the next steps!

A Solution To A Big Problem: Zedbox & The Housing Crisis

The housing crisis is one of the most prevalent issues facing the UK in the 21st century. Not a week passes it seems where the media aren’t commenting on the latest government policy promising to plug the issue with the lack of housing stock.

Despite the name, the housing crisis isn’t about houses, it’s about people; people who simply can’t afford to ascend the first rung of the property ladder or find liveable and retainable accommodation.

This is where Zedbox and the housing crisis have one thing in common. Zedbox is about people too: people just like you.

If you’re unable to find liveable, affordable and retainable accommodation, then Zedbox is the solution. What's more, a real solution that's available in the here and now – one that’s already in hundreds of homes across the UK.

Zedbox is fast becoming a solution for many people across the UK, and we couldn’t be prouder.

High-Quality, Liveable & Functional Accommodation

Zedbox has been created to provide a space that rivals the very finest modern apartments. With a fully fitted kitchen – bathroom and living space – Zedbox is the perfect 1,2, or even 3-bedroom apartment, that’s manufactured and finished to the highest quality. Built with you in mind, its designed with your preferences at its very heart. You can spec out your Zedbox with a multitude of customisable options, making the Zedbox truly something you can call yours.  

Affordable – Not a Word You Often Hear Associated With Housing

We’ve done everything we can to ensure the Zedbox is accessible to as many people as possible. Our tried and tested manufacturing techniques, coupled with our years of experience in building Garden Offices allows us to keep costs as low as possible whilst not once compromising on quality. Zedbox also truly ‘helps to buy’, with flexible credit and monthly payment options allowing you to spread the cost. With the full cost of a 1 Bedroom Zedbox less than the cost of the UK's average house deposit, we’ve ensured the Zedbox meets your financial requirements in every way possible.

Yours To Keep -  No Rent, No Tenancy Agreements

With no ongoing rental costs, a Zedbox will pay for itself in a matter of years. So, you’ll soon see a quick return on your investment that keeps on giving and retaining excellent value. Not only for the Zedbox, yet for the property you’ve Zedbox has become an addition too.

We have been building our modular garden rooms with our sister company, Smart Garden Rooms, Offices & Studios for over a decade, Zedbox is an evolution of these rooms that ensure we comply with stringent building regulations and planning permission requirements for living spaces.

Zedbox requires you to own land or have a legal permission to use land, either in a private dwelling or individual plot. As long as we can connect your Zedbox to water and electrical mains, we can assist you with your living requirements.


We’re so passionate about providing a genuine solution to an ever growing problem and have never been more excited to watch as families across the UK start to uncover the potential our clever ‘apartment in the garden’ has to offer.

If you think Zedbox could be the answer for you, then get in touch with our team today. We’ve made the entire process as simple as possible.

Request our catalogue now to find out more about over 50 sizes and styles.

Or you can book your free, no-obligation site consultation today! Get in touch!

It's Easy Keeping Warm in Your Zedbox This Winter

The Zedbox is your apartment in the garden, a home for you or a family member, and designed to be used no matter the weather 365 days of the year, just as any other apartment or house. Zedbox keeps you cool and comfy in the summer and warm and cosy in the winter - especially so during the cold winter months that 2019 has brought so far. Here we explore some of the construction and design features your Zedbox has to keep you warm throughout the winter.

Insulation & Construction

The Zedbox is built with only the highest-quality timber and insulation materials and built using our own trusted and renowned construction technique, making your home, strong and resilient to the strongest of winds and heaviest of rain.

The insulation is thick and chunky making it an effective barrier against the cold weather. What's more, the high grade double glazing on both windows and doors gives you the extra peace of mind that you'll be warm and cosy no matter the weather.

Heated Flooring

As an extra touch of luxury, Zedbox comes with heated flooring, creating extra warmth and comfort to your home. This comes as standard and is included in the price – that added bit warmth is not going to cost you an extra penny, it's a win-win!


The Zedbox bedroom furniture is perfect for keeping you warm and cosy during winter, from the high set, double bed that looks more inviting than ever when it's cold outside, to the inbuilt wardrobes, perfect for storing all those big coats and woolly jumpers.

Your Zedbox can include all of these features if you choose!


What's better than a hot, home-cooked meal in the winter, or simply getting home and putting the kettle on? The Zedbox can feature a modern, sleek and intuitive kitchen, including oven, fridge, sink, storage and washing machine. With enough room for you to add in a dining table to serve up your kitchen creations to guests. It's the perfect place to be!

Home Comforts

With Zedbox, you can move in all of your home comforts and personalise the space to be as inviting and cosy as you would like! From warm, plush rugs to comfy cushions, the Zedbox is your home, meaning you have the freedom to create a space you adore, no limits!

Is this the year you get on the property ladder? Move family closer to home? Or give your grown-up children a space of their own? Get in touch with us today.

We can send you out our free catalogue, packed with all the information you need on our Zedbox range, or can book in a completely free, no-obligation site survey, meaning a Zedbox surveyor will visit you to plan and discuss your dream Zedbox. We'll leave you with a fully itemised quotations to discuss and consider.

Get in touch with the team today on 0800 242 5676 or hello@zedbox.co.uk.

Getting On The Property Ladder With Zedbox

Here at Zedbox, we have a passion for affordable yet luxury living and we want to ensure everyone has a place to call their own. This is why we developed a range of products to go against the traditional first step on the property ladder. And although Zedbox isn’t a house, it is a home – one which 100s of people across the UK are already living in.

There’s nothing wrong with going for the path less travelled, especially if it’s more accessible, affordable and personal – and here’s why Zedbox are all of those things:

Low Deposit

A deposit on a Zedbox is far lower than a deposit placed on a first house which is great news for first-time buyers! What’s more is you have options; you can pay one lump sum or spread the cost over a number of years (many years fewer than your average mortgage!). It’s a win-win, and you have more of your budget left for creating your new home.

Mortgage Paperwork is History

There aren’t 1,000s of hoops to jump through and we’re by your side every step of the way. No chains, no estate agents, no bidding wars; just a friendly surveyor and a knowledgeable team with time to ensure you make the right choice for you. Zedbox offers a pressure-free process that revolves purely around making sure you’re in love with your first home.

An Investment

You won’t lose out on the benefits of owning a home as an investment because your Zedbox can be rented out for many years after you’ve moved onto your second or third home. If it’s in the garden of a relative or friend, their property value will increase too!

All Yours

There’s no percentage of ownership when it comes to Zedbox. There’s no government involvement, no third party - it’s all yours to enjoy for decades!


This is the best bit: you’re not finding a home that you love, you’re creating a home you love! No endless searching, no budgeting for making it look how you would like it to – because you will have designed it your way in the first place, from colours to layout, to kitchens and bathrooms, the power is in your hands to make it a home you don’t want to leave!


Are you looking to make 2019 the year you make Zedbox your home? Want to find out more?

Get in touch with our friendly team today who can talk you through the options, send you our free 53-page catalogue in the post, or even arrange a completely free, no-obligation site survey – perfect to chat through your future plans.

Call us free on 0800 242 5676 or email us on hello@zedbox.co.uk.